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Tag: attorney general

November 08, 2014

Confirmation questions for the next attorney general

This morning, President Obama announced that he would nominate Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Attorney for Brooklyn, to be the next Attorney General. Some commentators are probing her background for evidence regarding her ideological disposition; others are focusing on whether she has been an effective prosecutor. Other areas of inquiry are probably far m ...

September 16, 2010

Video: State attorneys optimistic after health care hearing

Author: Daniel Himebaugh Fox News' On the Record has posted this video, in which attorneys representing Utah, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana discuss their impressions of Tuesday's hearing on the motion to dismiss the states' suit against the new federal health care law. PLF is representing Matt Sissel, an Iowa City business owner, in a ...

April 07, 2010

Does the new health insurance law have a tax problem?

Author: Daniel Himebaugh No one likes to talk about taxes or Congress.  Test me on this.  The next time you're fumbling for a conversation starter, try opening with, "So how about Congress's power to tax and spend?"  And enjoy the silence. Maybe Congress's taxing power isn't the best topic for small talk, ...

March 24, 2010

Can the attorney general sue over health care?

Author: Daniel Himebaugh A big story is developing in the Pacific Northwest this week, following passage of President Obama's health insurance overhaul. reports that Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire is fuming over Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna's decision to join a lawsuit which seeks to invalidate po ...

October 16, 2009

PLF files new Proposition 209 lawsuit directly in California Court of Appeal

Author: Joshua Thompson PLF filed a lawsuit today against a number of California agencies and officials including Governor Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Brown.  The lawsuit alleges that the recently enacted Assembly Bill 21 (AB 21), grants preferences on the basis of race and sex in public contracting.  You can read PLF' ...