What can Moneyball teach us about the debate over racial preferences?

October 22, 2014 | By WENCONG FA

Some things are accepted as so obvious that people rarely ask whether they are true. Take baseball for example. There used to be a time when fans and managers alike hyped up a pitcher as a “winner,” a batter as “clutch,” or a player known for making diving stops as a “great fielder.” Then, as … ...


Contracts : A trade analogy

December 02, 2014 | By WENCONG FA

Fans of the Oakland Athletics know that the team has just made a big trade. Supporters of Pacific Legal Foundation know that PLF’s Free Enterprise Project defends freedom of contract across the country, including the right of parties to be bound by the words of the contract instead of vague notions of abstract justice. … ...


Will Phoenix taxpayers strikeout?

March 28, 2016 | By RAYMOND NHAN

When the green grass has been freshly cut, each piece of gravel in the infield is in place, and the pitcher’s mound is perfectly raised, it can mean only one thing. It’s baseball season. The New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals are set to open the 2016 Major League Baseball season this Sunday … ...