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Tag: big government

March 05, 2015

Speaking at Florida Coastal School of Law today

I'm in Jacksonville today, speaking at noon with the Florida Coastal School of Law‘s Federalist Society chapter about Pacific Legal Foundation‘s work on behalf of liberty throughout the nation. Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere recently, this event, like all other Federalist Society events, is not a secret! To the contrar ...

January 22, 2015

NY and NJ courts both reject property rights

Property owners in New York and New Jersey learned again this week that their state courts often reject property rights in favor of creative ways to take private property in a manner that violates the Fifth Amendment. In New York, the court upended a centuries-old settled question of law in the case of Friends of Thayer Lake, LLC v. Phil Brow ...

December 25, 2014

Top ten ways A Christmas Story would be different today

From the home office in Hohman, Indiana, a tongue-in-cheek look at the top ten ways A Christmas Story would be different if it took place today: 10. In response to Flick getting his tongue stuck to the frozen flagpole, Flick's parents would have sued both the teacher and school board for Flick's tongue injuries caused ...

December 20, 2013

Government attempts power grab under guise of protecting environment

After receiving complaints about all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) driving through a shallow river, a Louisiana governmental agency decided to step in.  The agency's solution: restricting a large amount of freedom and greatly expanding its own power. The agency is the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), which, among other things, prot ...

July 31, 2013

Milton Friedman at 101–wisdom, warnings, and hope

Today marks 101 years since Milton Friedman was born. That’s 404 quarters of economic activity, or 5,252 weekend issues of the Wall Street Journal, or 36,890 days of Dow Jones Industrial Average fluctuations. However you measure it, it’s a lot of time. For about 26,663 of those days (73 years), Friedman was a student, practitioner, ...

August 22, 2012

How many regulations do you encounter before breakfast?

More than you might think, according to Regulation: A Primer, a new paper by Mercatus Center researcher Jerry Brito and Susan E. Dudley of George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center: You might be surprised to learn just how many regulations you encounter in an average day. Perhaps your day starts when you clock radio goes off ...

December 30, 2010

Broken promises

Author: Reed Hopper Utah officials are not very happy with the Secretary of Interior's latest land grab.  Nor should they be.  As reported in the Salt Lake Tribune, Secretary Salazar is recanting on a hard fought settlement agreement and unilaterally making new law.   Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar annou ...

September 15, 2009

Announcing PLF's 2010 CPIL Fellowships

Attention 3Ls!  Apply now for a post-grad litigation Fellowship with PLF at our Sacramento headquarters, starting in September, 2010.   Applications are due at the end of this month, so don't delay! ...

September 09, 2009

Who said it? Take our Freedom Quotes Quiz!

FREEDOM QUOTES QUIZ Choose who SAID these eloquent words with the powerful theme:NO to Big Government! 1.    "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand."     A.    Calvin Coolidge    B.    Judge ...