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Tag: diversity

March 13, 2018

Free speech equals inclusivity

We need to stop telling ourselves that stifling speech is about inclusivity. It isn’t. Yesterday, the New York Times published an article titled “What College Students Really Think About Free Speech,” which analyzed survey data about whether students considered inclusivity or free speech as more important. The results were mixed ...

August 09, 2016

The media's shifting opinion on diversity

Gabby Douglas was denied the opportunity to compete for the all-around title because of a gymnastics rule that encourages diversity of nations in the all-around finals competition. She was the third-best gymnast competing, but was denied the slot in the competition because the the top-two scores were also from the United States. Why isn’t the ...

September 10, 2015

Fisher: The final chapter?

This morning PLF filed this amicus curiae brief in the Supreme Court of the United States in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin.  We were joined on the brief by Center for Equal Opportunity, American Civil Rights Institute, National Association of Scholars, Project 21, Individual Rights Foundation, and Reason Foundation. This is the eighth ...

June 29, 2015

Supreme Court agrees to review Univ of Texas racial preferences – again

It has been a long road for Abigail Fisher, but she will have her day once again in the Supreme Court of the United States.  Two years ago the Court rightly ruled that tax-supported universities don't deserve the benefit of the doubt from courts when they engage in race-based preferences and discrimination.  The issue stemming from ...

May 28, 2015

FAA largely scraps merit-based testing for air traffic controllers

PLF friend Hans Bader reports on some awfully disturbing news out of the Federal Aviation Administration.  It seems the FAA has scrapped merit-based testing for air traffic controllers in lieu of diversity-based screening. For one FAA manager feeling the pressure to promote diversity, even a dumbed-down test apparently wasn't enough: to maximi ...

August 12, 2014

Diversity hire loses discrimination lawsuit

The University of New Hampshire hired a political science professor during a hiring freeze. They were allowed to do so because she was black and the University had ” ongoing efforts to enhance racial diversity on campus.”  It was undisputed that the “the only reason the department was able to hire her was her race.” Af ...

March 20, 2014

PLF opposes racial discrimination by community college

A community college recently planned a "happy hour" event about diversity.  The college sent an e-mail about the event to all of the college's staff members – and the e-mail explained that white people were not invited. The administration of the college – the South Puget Sound Community College in Washington State – wisely apologized ...

February 27, 2014

Does “diversity” require race-based recruiting in college basketball?

There are many factors that college basketball coaches consider when making recruitment decisions.  These may include how well an athlete can shoot, dribble, pass, rebound, as well as how the athlete gets along with other players and coaches.  But if universities and coaches believe the results of a new study, they may also try to recruit ...

November 06, 2013

The Obama Administration's logical pretzel

PLF continues to fight for Abigail Fisher’s right — and every student’s right — to be treated equally under the law.  We have previously blogged about our continued involvement in her case, and the University of Texas’s non-stop efforts to continue discriminating against its students.  Yesterday, the Obama Administra ...

November 01, 2012

Does the proliferation of online courses undercut the "diversity" rationale?

It appears as if the Univerisity of Texas is significantly increasing its offering of online courses.  These will be availble to students throughout the world.  But, doesn’t this further undercut the University’s purported interest in attaining the benefits that flow from a diverse student body?  How can a university student achieve ...