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Tag: gender

August 31, 2010

Title IX compliance means less tennis for everyone

Author: Joshua Thompson The College Sports Council released a study today that links Title IX, a statute that has been applied to require "proportionality" in men and women collegiate athetics, to an overall decrease in the availability of tennis for men and women.  Women tennis players have more teams (311) to compete for than male ...

July 28, 2010

Title IX has outlived its purpose

Author: Joshua Thompson Over at, Gregg Easterbrook, has this excellent piece on the latest ridiculous Title IX ruling.  Here's a snippet: Imagine telling marchers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., in 1965 that by 2010, "civil rights" would be privileged college kids complaining about sports schedules, wh ...

June 02, 2010

Eric Pearson on Title IX

Author: Joshua Thompson The National Review Online has an excellent piece by Eric Pearson of the College Sports Council.  The College Sports Council is a national coalition of coaches, athletes, parents, and fans who are devoted to preserving and promoting the student athlete experience.  The CSC is the leading organization working for ...

May 05, 2010

Coverage of Coral Construction argument

Author: Joshua Thompson Yesterday PLF's Sharon Browne argued before the California Supreme Court in Coral Construction v. City and County of San Francisco.  The court was deciding on the constitutionality of Proposition 209 — California's landmark constitutional amendment that prohibits both discrimination and preferences on the ...

May 04, 2010

Diversity quandry: Woman or African-American?

Author: Joshua Thompson New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is drawing some heat for failing to re-appoint Justice John Wallace to New Jersey's Supreme Court.  You see, Justice Wallace is an African-American, so Governor Christie's decision is receiving criticism "because Wallace would at least diversify the bench." Of course ...