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Tag: Governor Brown

October 29, 2015

Update on PLF's challenge to California's cap-and-trade regulation

The briefing in our lawsuit challenging the auction component of CARB’s cap-and-trade regulation has been completed for many months, but the California Court of Appeal, Third District, has yet to set a date for oral argument.  Although the panel was appointed last June, we wont know the identities of the judges until an oral argument ...

October 14, 2014

Brown signs bill that purports to overturn Schuette

Ten days ago, Governor Brown signed AB 2646 into law.  The stated purpose of the statute is return the law to where it was before the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Schuette v. BAMN — the case that upheld the Michigan voters ability to amend their constitution to prohibit racial preferences. The statute basically creates ...

January 05, 2011

Are you paying attention Jerry Brown?

Author: Joshua Thompson PLF friend, Roger Clegg, reports that New Jersey Gov. Christie, has "quietly dismantled" New Jersey's Division of Minority and Women Business Development.  From their website, it is clear that the program was set up to provide race- and sex-based preferences for New Jersey contracting.  So kudos to ...