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Tag: halloween

October 31, 2017

Horrifying government overreach: PLF asks Supreme Court to hear challenge to cemetery access law

Rose Mary Knick owns a quiet, 90-acre, stone-fenced farm in rural Pennsylvania. The parcel is bounded on all sides by old stone walls and no trespassing signs at various intervals. According to the local government, it also contains an ancient burial ground of some sort... ...

October 31, 2013

Public schools' "boo-humbug" demonstrates the value of charter schools

Happy Halloween, everyone! …except to those unlucky students whose administrators have instead taken the position of “boo-humbug.”  As our friends at Reason explain, some overzealous school officials have gone Ebenezer Scrooge two months early, and waged a war on Halloween.  Citing concerns ranging from peanut allergies to obesi ...