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Tag: Idaho

July 16, 2018

Idaho joins PLF’s defense of the Congressional Review Act

The Congressional Review Act should be one of the nation’s least controversial laws. To restore some measure of democratic accountability to the administrative state, it requires federal agencies to submit the rules they impose on us to our elected representatives for review before they go into effect. That’s it! The law imposes a simpl ...

September 09, 2016

Strong intervention rules help mitigate harms of "sue and settle" litigation

In 2014, a lightning strike ignited a wildfire in the Johnson Bar Campground in Idaho’s Nez Perce National Forest. As a result of the fire, a substantial amount of dead and dying timber–a dangerous source of fuel for future wildfires–remains in the forest. To remove the danger and recover the value of the timber, the United ...

May 09, 2012

Taxonomic tricks at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: why the ESA listing of the Selkirk caribou must be withdrawn

In recent decades, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has spent countless time, money, and effort over a creature known as the southern Selkirk Mountain caribou.  The Selkirk caribou was listed as an endangered species in 1984, and its habitat includes portions of Idaho, Washington, and southern British Columbia.  The Selkirk caribou is not a ...

January 21, 2012

And anyway . . . where is the environmental threat?

As pointed out in a previous post, one of the main arguments being put forward by the pro-EPA crowd in PLF’s case, Sackett v. EPA, is that Compliance Orders are necessary for the EPA to "promptly respond" to environmental harms, and that tying the EPA up in litigation would necessarily undermine EPA’s ability to save ...

August 06, 2010

Decision invalidates gray wolf delisting rule

Author: Daniel Himebaugh As this blog predicted, Judge Donald Molloy of the District of Montana has vacated the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's 2009 rule delisting the Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf distinct population segment (DPS).  The Service's rule had lifted ESA-related restrictions throughout Montana, Idaho, and parts of ...