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June 02, 2015

PLF congratulates Pennsylvania on ending its Competitor’s Veto

Last week, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission finalized a new regulation that abolishes that state's Competitor's Veto rule for moving companies, and adopting a new, pro-competitive rule that lets anyone who wants to start a new moving company do so, as long as they're safe and honest. That's the way the rule should be. Sadly, ...

May 22, 2015

Explore the Competitor’s Veto

We’ve released a bunch of fun materials to familiarize people with those unfair and unconstitutional statutes—and to show exactly what PLF is doing to fight them. This video explains where the Competitor’s Veto came from in just 60 seconds. We released this podcast featuring Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur, and this infographi ...

May 19, 2015

PLF challenges the Competitor’s Veto in the birthplace of the Constitution

More than two centuries ago, great statesmen assembled in Philadelphia to write a new Constitution that would "preserve the blessings of liberty." Among them were some of the nation's leading entrepreneurs, including Pennsylvania's own Ben Franklin, one of the great self-made businessmen in American history. How sad they would be to learn that toda ...