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Tag: timber

January 19, 2018

Supreme Court should grant cert in timber sale appeal

PLF has filed an amicus brief in support of Scott Timber and the Union, and urged the Supreme Court to take up this case. ...

February 15, 2016

The Center for Biological Diversity goes batty

The Center for Biological Diversity is threatening to sue the Fish & Wildlife Service for not imposing ruinous and unnecessary restrictions on private property owners throughout 37 states to protect the Northern long-eared bat. It contends that heavy-handed “take” regulations should be imposed despite the fact that the species is th ...

March 19, 2013

National Agriculture Day

A friend once explained the importance of agriculture to me in a way I have never forgotten:  “Every last physical thing that you use in life, was originally either grown from the ground or dug out of it.”  Ponder that for a moment (and yes, the seas and rivers are included). Today, March 19, is National ...

September 07, 2010

Retrospective on spotted owl

Author: Reed Hopper Ever wonder how those massive logging restrictions in the Pacific Northwest panned out for the endangered spotted owl?  Political AP has an interesting article that answers that question:  After 20 Years of Protection, Owls are Declining but Forests Remain.  "Nothing we do seems to work for the spotted owl ...