The Deplorable Riviera Beach City Government


by Steven Geoffrey Gieseler

Yesterday I wrote of Riviera Beach resident Fane Lozman, who is subjected to daily thuggery, under color of law, for daring to protect private property against the City's illegal eminent domain scheme.

The retaliation swiftly has reached a pathetic new low.  I've just read the City's barely literate letter evicting Mr. Lozman for–get this–walking his dog without a muzzle.

We'd cringe if this kind of thing happened in some backwards dictatorship.  It's happening in plain view in an American city.  Something to keep in mind while reading the next interview where Mayor Michael Brown can't figure out, for the life of him, why his city's so broken, then decides to blame it on Jeb Bush and on Pacific Legal Foundation.

What sad, small men and women run Riviera Beach, Florida…