The Endangered Species Act and The Godfather


To NRDC's Josh Mogerman, the Interior Department's finalizing of the Section 7 regulations "felt a bit like the inevitable scene at the end of every Godfather movie when everyone gets gunned down at once."

Wow.  We've seen a lot of ridiculous commentary on the regs over the past couple of months, but Mogerman's reaction may take the cake.  How he can compare the brutality of Michael Corleone to a rule that will enable the Services to better "focus on protecting endangered species" instead of wasting time in perfunctory and time-consuming consultations is beyond us, not to mention the fact that we live in a democracy and Congress and the incoming administration and can get rid of or amend the new regulations if they so desire.

If there is any comparison to The Godfather to be had, it's that Mogerman's whining and complaining over this change reminds us a bit of Michael's brother, Fredo.

Thanks to The Christian Science Monitor's Bright Green Blog for the link.