The “poo”-lice state steps in it


Author: Brian T. Hodges

Washington state is supposedly broke.  Lay offs, forced furloughs, shuttered libraries, and moth-balled parks.  But apparently, the state is not too broke.  The State’s Department of Ecology recently shelled out $27,000 for Puget Sound Partnership, an environmentalist organization, to produce a neo-soul music video (“Dog-Doogity”) aimed at shaming people into scooping up dog poop.  I jest not.

If there was an emoticon signifying the author – who is a tax-paying citizen of the state – burying his head in shame, I would insert it here. 

It is sadly ironic that Ecology, which is a driving force behind creating new habitat areas for all sorts of critters alongside streams, rivers, wetlands, and shorelines, is so concerned about the possibility that Fluffy’s doo-doo on a city street may eventually wind up in the Puget Sound.  Apparently, Ecology has forgotten that geese, deer, rats, coyotes, and squirrels all go poo.  I won’t hold my breath for a sequel in which a Woody Guthrie-esque folk-singer wags an accusing finger at a raccoon for answering the call of nature.