The Powerful vs. The People


The Pacific Legal Foundation's Steven Geoffrey Gieseler has an article on The American Spectator's website about the lamentable fact that Congress and the presidential candidates are discussing "saving people's homes" with regard to the home mortgage crisis–but ignoring the need to save their homes from eminent domain. Excerpt:

As stressful as losing a home to foreclosure may be, most such homeowners at a minimum share in the blame for their predicaments. After all, many agreed to loan terms that amounted to little more than gambles that, it turns out, haven't paid off.

In contrast, those who lose their homes to their federal, state, or local governments via eminent domain for private purposes are victims in the truest sense of the word. These people have done nothing wrong other than live on plots of land that more politically connected parties, and the politicians they're connected to, have decided the owners are no longer worthy of keeping.

And now, to add insult to injury, the people running for President are saying nothing about this travesty….

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