Tibor Machan on The Right to Earn A Living


Author: Timothy Sandefur

Prof. Tibor Machan of Chapman University has published a very flattering review of my book.

Tim Sandefur’s The Right to Earn a Living is so far as I can judge a flawless, superb discussion of how a proper understanding of American constitutional law implies that in this country everyone has a basic right to earn a living. Although this isn’t my specialty, I am well enough versed to be able to tell that Sandefur has a far better handle on the issue than, say, Cass Sunstein or all those who keep defending the contrary thesis in, say, The New York Review of Books.

Machan proceeds to address the philosophical basis of the right to economic liberty, something I considered outside the scope of my own writing.

(Although Machan is a personal friend, I didn't know he was working on a review.)