Washington's charter school experiment is off to a fast start

October 30, 2013 | By BRIAN HODGES

Over thirty parent and community groups met last week’s deadline for filing notices of intent to start charter schools in the State of Washington, according to our friends at Washington Policy Center.  Washington opened its doors to charter schools last year with the passage of Initiative I-1240.  That law allows for forty new charter schools over the next five years, but that cap may have to be revisited, given the intense early interest from would-be charter starters.  Something else about the recently filed notices is interesting—they represent a wide range of school models, from schools geared toward helping at-risk kids, to military prep academies, as well as sports-centered programs, and even one that proposes to teach kids using an educational model popular in Finland.  It looks like Washington parents soon will have a lot more choices when comes to public education.

In the meantime, the Washington Education Association is trying to take down I-1240 in court.  We are keeping close watch on that lawsuit.  PLF has an active practice of litigating important cases to promote educational choice in every State.