"What Does Freedom Mean?" online contest


Author:  Anne Hayes

Starting today, Flag Day, and ending on Independence Day, the 4th of July, Pacific Legal Foundation invites you to enter our contest to tell us what Freedom means to you.

Every day, PLF takes cases from American citizens who are trying to do something simple–start a business, build a home, get a building permit–who run into government road-blocks that are so onerous and over-reaching that it takes a lawsuit–literally–just for these ordinary people to do ordinary things.  PLF does not believe that hindering economic activity or the prohibiting the use of private property or telling people what to spend their money on are legitimate aims–or means–of government.  In a country that values freedom, this sort of government conduct should never arise, let alone prevail.

For our contest, we are asking our fans, followers, viewers, visitors, and readers to tell us about some government conduct that they think is over-the-top and should not be happening in a country that stands for freedom–things like city officials shutting down a little girl's lemonade stand, or a city banning happy meals, for instance.

Below is a video that talks about some of the cases PLF has taken over the years.  For this contest, we'd like you to give us your one-line "addition" to our video theme, preferably with a link, about what freedom in America means–or, at least, what it should mean.