A heartfelt thanks to our supporters from the Sacketts


As readers know, we are currently awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision in Sackett v. EPA, which could come out at any time.  This is the 6th case Pacific Legal Foundation has taken to the Supreme Court (the 7th case we have argued), and PLF could not do this important work without the generous support of all of our donors, since we represent every one of our clients pro bono.  The Sacketts wanted to express their thanks to our donors for making their battle possible.

We also thank all of you.  Our work would not be possible without the financial support of freedom-loving Americans across the nation.  We also extend our thanks to those who share the stories of our cases, and provide encouragement and moral support for our work.  And, of course, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the Sacketts.  The fact is, the Sacketts are the ones who have had to live this nightmare as it has wound its way through the EPA and courts for nearly 5 years.  It takes a tremendous amount of strength and moral courage to do what they have done, and they are fighting for all of us.