A refreshing look at human ingenuity (from a couple of sixth graders)


Author: Brandon Middleton

There's little appreciation these days for the great water projects here in California that allow us to have a reliable supply of a critical, yet limited, natural resource.  Add to that the numerous environmental organizations in the state today and the costly litigation they bring, and it becomes difficult to imagine engineering feats like the Los Angeles Aqueduct becoming a reality in today's regulatory climate.

That's why it's so refreshing to see that a couple of sixth graders have put together a marvelous site on the Aqueduct, its history (which they note was not without controversy), and its current importance. 

The site is called The Innovative LA Aqueduct and was completed by Kyla Resnick and Andrea Marroquin — their medals from the Constitutional Rights Foundation’s State History Day competition were definitely well deserved!

Hat tip: Aquafornia.