Akaka Bill defeated


Author: Joshua Thompson    

Earlier this month, I reported about the efforts of our friends from the Center for Equal Opportunity to defeat the Akaka Bill.  The Akaka Bill would have attempted to legitimize racial preferences for Hawaiians throughout the United States. However, the Cato Institute is reporting that the Akaka Bill will not be passed by this lame-duck congress.  Snippet:

Fortunately — for many reasons unrelated to race-based government – the omnibus went down in flames (the first tangible victory for the Tea Party, before their congressmen even assumed office?) and with it the aforementioned “study.”  The new streamlined “continuing resolution,” which I’ve skimmed in its entirety — just 36 pages! – still includes various legislative gems but there is no mention of the Aloha State.

However, as  Ilya Shapiro notes, the Akaka Bill seems to reappear in one form or another with every new Congress.  So while we should rightly applaud the efforts (of CEO and Cato) to defeat the Akaka Bill this time around, we must remain on the lookout for its reintroduction in the next Congress.