Bart Hinkle: what color is the sun in Obamacare's world?

February 12, 2014 | By TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Bart Hinkle wonders wonders about the Bizarro world of Obamacare, where penalties are taxes that aren’t bills for raising revenue, where a job is wage-slavery, but handouts are freedom, and where losing your job is a chance to pursue your dreams.

One correction, however. Hinkle regards the allegation of “death panels” as a “whopper.” While it may have been an exaggeration, in fact the Independent Payment Advisory Board—the unelected agency empowered to set Medicare reimbursement rates without Presidential, Congressional, or judicial oversight–actually is something close to a “death panel,” or at least, to use the image employed by one of Obamacare’s most prominent supporters, it’s something like a collection of dictators from Plato’s totalitarian utopia.