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Property Rights

April 12, 2021

Orange County Register: Much ADU about nothing

There are only three bad things about Accessory Dwelling Units. The first two are (1) the name, and (2) the acronym. Why does every good normal thing have to be given an anodyne cover name when it gets discussed in public policy? ADU is a code name for in-law apartments, granny flats, over-the-garage apartments, and ...

April 09, 2021

There are better ways to house people than by banning evictions

A common government response to the pandemic has been to freeze evictions to keep people housed. While these moratoria may be attractive on the surface, this shortsighted tactic will only constrict access to affordable housing. There are better paths forward. Pacific Legal Foundation has challenged several of these eviction moratoria in court (see ...

April 08, 2021

Can the police enter your house and take your stuff without a warrant?

Can the police enter your home and confiscate your weapons without a warrant? That's the question the Supreme Court is getting ready to decide in Caniglia v. Strom. But the answer won't be found in the Second Amendment. Instead, the Court will consider whether the police violated a Rhode Island man's Fourth Amendment right against ...

April 02, 2021

Individual liberty, property rights, and conservation are intertwined

Lawmakers in Montana want to take away the right of certain nonprofits to purchase land through free market transactions, a move that would harm environmental conservation, rather than protect it. The bill's sponsor is trying to legislate the American Prairie Reserve out of existence by denying them basic private property rights. The American Prair ...

April 01, 2021

Justice Gorsuch understands the nation will survive a landowner victory in Cedar Point

When the Supreme Court took up our Cedar Point v. Hassid case, it was to address a straightforward issue: Whether a California law that forced farmers to accept trespassers onto their property for three hours a day and 120 days a year had taken the owners' property. This is an important issue, because without the ...

March 31, 2021

How a legal precedent stacks the deck against property owners

Property rights are at the core of our country's founding. Yet, as sacred as these rights are to the safeguarding of our Constitution, the government has repeatedly disregarded Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections at the expense of individuals and their private property. This is why defending property rights is such an important battleground issu ...