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August 19, 2019

Video game bans are unconstitutional, and they won’t prevent violent crimes

The search for rational explanations in the wake of terrible tragedies is understandable. When people do horrible things, the natural reaction is to ask why. Unfortunately, that same impulse can lead to rushed judgment and misplaced blame. In the wake of multiple recent mass shootings, some elected officials and advocates have suggested banning vio ...

July 09, 2019

PLF’s Campaign to End Home Equity Theft

Have you ever miscalculated a bill? Typically, a late fee or a strongly worded warning follows. But do you know what happens if you miscalculate and underpay your property taxes—even just a few dollars? In at least 12 states, the government can seize your property, sell it, and leave you with nothing. Property taxes must ...

February 08, 2019

Weekly litigation report — February 9, 2019

Should you need government permission to sell harmless, FDA-approved hearing aids? We filed this opening brief on appeal asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit to reinstate PLF client Dan Taylor's constitutional challenge against Florida's outdated hearing aid sales regulations. The law prohibits anyone from selling a hearing aid ...

February 04, 2019

Weekly litigation report — January 26, 2019

Wolf listing upheld This week the San Diego County Superior Court ruled that the California Fish and Game Commission acted legally when it listed a single transient wolf as endangered under California's Endangered Species Act. Our clients, the California Cattlemen's Association and California Farm Bureau Federation, challenged the state listing bec ...

January 04, 2019

End discrimination against corporate speech

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." In Animal Farm, George Orwell described the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the equality of their citizens but reserves to an elite group the ability to exercise power and enjoy special privileges. Our Constitution's First Amendment plainly states that Congress shall make ...

December 21, 2018

Water rights are property rights too!

Stanford Vina Ranch Irrigation Company is a California non-profit water company that has been lawfully using water from Deer Creek for irrigation since 1862. When drought struck the state in 2014 and again the following year, California's State Water Resources Control Board ordered Stanford Vina to stop using water from Deer Creek or face serious ...