California Drought Alleviation Act


Following up yesterday's post on Congressman Radanovich's call for a temporary suspension of the Endangered Species Act, we've also learned that Radanovich has proposed legislation to accomplish this goal. According to a press release, the California Drought Alleviation Act will "temporarily suspend the Endangered Species Act (ESA) as it applies to the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta pumping facilities during Gubernatorial declared times of drought emergencies until such conditions are alleviated."

Radanovich is clear in his belief that the ESA is being misused to severe detriment of Californians:

"As California confronts a forty billion dollar budget shortfall and turns to the federal government for a billions in stimulus dollars, like an addict for his next high, tens of thousands of Californians are on the verge of losing their jobs thanks to a horrendous environmental law," Radanovich said. "The Endangered Species Act is drying up California’s agriculture industry by shutting down the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta Pumps."

. . .

"By allowing the Delta Pumps to operate at increased capacity, the CDAA allows available water to flow to Valley farmers and provides a stimulus to the California economy without costing the taxpayer a dime,” Radanovich said. “We cannot allow California agriculture to wither and die because our precious resources are being hijacked by what amounts to economic eco-terrorism in the form of the ESA and the entities that support this damaging law," Radanovich said.

Thanks to Aquafornia for the pointer.