It Has a Good Beat, and You Can Dance to It


by Steven Geoffrey Gieseler

This weekend I read an advance copy of my colleague Tim Sandefur's book, Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America. I'm proud to concur with Senator John Cornyn and Prof. Richard Epstein (among others) in recommending it, with much enthusiasm and no reservation.

Tim has written a book that will be appreciated equally by readers who "do" property rights for a living and those who want an introduction to the relevant issues.  That's not an easy thing to accomplish. 

Moreover, it's a book that should be read by folks on either side of the larger debate over property rights in America.  Readers on Tim's side will leave with a better understanding of what's at stake and why it matters.  Next time you find yourself looking to persuade someone dismissive of the importance of property rights—whether he's a friend or a judge—you'll be better armed.

Tim's book is an important read for those skeptical friends and judges, too.  Minds might or might not be changed, but at the least these readers can be sure they've seen the "other side" presented in as formidable a manner possible.