L.A. Times Story on McNamee Case


The Los Angeles Times's Susannah Rosenblatt has a story in today's paper about the McNamee's fight against the Commission, entitled "Orange County couple wonder:  Whose beach is it, anyway?"  The title really does get to the heart of the matter.  In the story, a Sierra Club representative succinctly states the Commission's perverse attitude about the McNamees' amenities, which is located entirely on their private beach:  "[The amenities] create an atmosphere of a private beach on the sand."  Of course, there is a private beach on the sand! 

In the next week or so, we should know whether the Court of Appeal has issued a stay of the Commission's cease-and-desist order pending the outcome of the McNamees' suit.  Remarkably, the Commission refused to cooperate with the McNamees and stipulate voluntarily to a stay until the proceedings are over.  Instead, the California Attorney General, who represents the Commission, filed an opposition to our request for a stay. 

Our taxes hard at work.