New WOTUS rule transfers Florida land management to D.C.

August 20, 2015 | By MARK MILLER

JMIlogo1This week, the leading public-policy think tank in Tallahassee, the James Madison Institute, published a new WOTUS piece by M. Reed Hopper and yours truly. You can read the piece, a JMI Backgrounder entitled, “Waters of the United States: A Case Study in Government Abuse,” at this link. Although the article applies to all land across the country, we devote a portion of the article to how the new version of the WOTUS rule will affect Florida:

This expansion of federal power may be unrivaled in American federal regulatory history. The agencies’ new rule exceeds federal jurisdiction and usurps the power of the States, including Florida’s right to manage local land and water resources. It nullifies constitutional limits on federal authority and its implementation puts virtually all waters and much of the land in Florida under the control of the Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA.

As Instapundit often says: read the whole thing.

Thank you to Sal Nuzzo of JMI for asking us to submit the piece for publication under the auspices of JMI, and for dedicating so much time and consideration towards bringing this article to fruition.