Palm Lane Elementary will finally convert to a charter school

July 30, 2017 | By CALEB TROTTER

In April, the California Court of Appeal affirmed a victory won by parents of students at Anaheim’s Palm Lane Elementary School. The parents had used California’s “parent trigger” law to petition to have the perpetually failing school converted into a charter school, but the school district sued the parents to stop the petition and conversion. Earlier this month, the California Supreme Court declined to take up the case, so the parents’ victory is final and the school district must allow the conversion to proceed.

Well, good news travels fast. On July 26, the Anaheim Elementary School District finally voted to accept the Palm Lane parents’ petition to convert the school into a charter, and the district will immediately begin accepting proposals from charter school operators.

Congratulations to Cecilia Ochoa and the other Palm Lane parents for their courage and persistence to see their childrens’ education improved, and to Gloria Romero and others who helped the parents along the way.