Pesticide limits due to the Endangered Species Act: California today, your backyard tomorrow?


Author: Brandon Middleton

It looks like the pesticide industry is quite concerned with an injunction that restricts the use of numerous pesticides in California for the benefit of endangered species.  From the Pest Control Technology Magazine:

Since the Northern California case was filed, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), the activist plaintiffs, have filed a suit asking the court to impose restrictions on the use of pesticides in the lower 48 states based on their impact on polar bears in Alaska. They have also filed a Notice of Intent to sue EPA and the services for failure to implement ESA with respect to 400 active ingredients that impact almost 900 endangered species, though it is unclear whether this lawsuit will be filed. If they file and prevail in this mega-suit, [pesticide management plans] in every state will see limitations like the northern California case.