PLF's Tim the Lawyer joins A&G

June 17, 2013 | By TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

I was on with Armstrong & Getty this morning to talk about the Supreme Court…and then the Court ended up not deciding any of the cases we’re waiting for. But we got to talking about the Koontz case, and the NSA, privacy, and such. You can listen to the show here. (Fast forward to 09:45)

The books I recommended were Rights At Risk and The Rights of The People by David K. Shipler. I reviewed them for California Lawyer magazine here and here.

I said that the NSA scandal is probably not quite as bad as people are saying. Here’s an article by Roger Pilon and Richard Epstein (two men I deeply respect) arguing that point. But Julian Sanchez has a powerful rejoinder here. I have not examined this story deeply enough to have a settled opinion.