President's weekly report — December 24th, 2014

December 24, 2014 | By ROB RIVETT

Economic Liberties — Raise a glass to liberty!

We filed this opposition to Florida’s motion to dismiss our complaint in The Crafted Keg v. Ken Lawson.  As our blog explains, this is the case where Florida allows customers to fill their own containers with craft beers in 32 ounce quart containers, 128 ounce gallon containers, but not the most popular 64 ounce half-gallon size of the so-called “growler” containers.  In its motion to dismiss, the State actually argued that police might be misled if purchasers of a 64 ounce growler (but inexplicably not the 32 or 128 ounce size) claim to have had “only one” beer at a traffic spot.  We just don’t think Florida police officers deserve to have their intelligence insulted like that.

Property Rights — Eviction of man in red suit?

Many of you know we’ve been representing folks in and around Fairbanks, Alaska, over the Corps’ unlawful assertion of jurisdiction over isolated wetlands.  But the problem continues in North Pole, a suburb of Fairbanks.  Apparently, a large warehouse complex on the outskirts of town was recently deemed a permafrost wetland and the owner was issued a compliance order by the EPA — ordering him to remove his warehouses forthwith.  The owner, a rather jolly old man who takes to wearing a red suit to fend off the bitter cold, is facing fines of $64,000 per day per warehouse!  Last we heard, the owner was seen loading the entire contents of his warehouses onto a sleigh and is poised to vacate the country led by some antlered pack animals. We’re on the case, and with your generous contributions, we’re hoping to step into the breach and save the gentleman from losing his warehouses after what promises to be a very long and cold night.  If he drops by your home tonight, be sure to give him a check payable to Pacific Legal Foundation!