School Choice Week 2013: School choice week round-up


Last year at this time we highlighted 2011’s greatest school choice victory, Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn.  In that case, the United States Supreme Court authorized tax credits for private schools.  By holding that the plaintiffs did not have taxpayer standing to pursue their claim, the Supreme Court basically ensured that similar tax-credit schemes would not be challenged under the Establishment Clause.  PLF filed an amicus brief in that case arguing (1) that school choice programs that require independent choices by non government actors are neutral with respect to religion and (2) when choice is unleashed in education, parents, students, and taxpayers reap the benefits.  The brief explains that school choice improves students’ academic achievement, helps students with special needs, and lowers educational costs.

Though School Choice Week 2013 is winding down, class is not dismissed.  Meaningful discussions about education policy must not be confined to one week a year.  The reformers fight for change in schools (and courts) across the country everyday.  I hope the posts (recapped below) inspire readers to learn more about this battle and that they will continue to follow PLF’s work in this area.

1. Joshua Thompson introduces School Choice Week.
2. Christina Martin discusses an important school choice case in Texas.
3. Joshua Thompson links to an interactive map detailing school choice options in each state.
4. Tony Francois writes about home schooling.
5. Jonathan Wood links to a database that provides ways to get involved during the week.
6. Timothy Sandefur argues that merely measuring progress is not enough, our broken educational system needs choice.
7. Jonathan Wood explains that all children should have an opportunity for a quality education.