Sen. Rand Paul highlighting EPA wetlands abuses, including PLF’s Sackett case

September 13, 2011 | By PACIFIC LEGAL FOUNDATION

Author: Anne Hayes

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is bringing greater attention to the issue of EPA's authoritarian behavior with respect to supposed "wetlands" both in an editorial he penned for the Washington Times, and in a recent interview with Lou Dobbs. Among the cases he cited was our upcoming case before the Supreme Court, Sackett v. EPA. As we gear up for our hearing in the Sacketts' battle against the EPA, we appreciate the attention he is bringing to this issue. Remember–this case will not resolve whether the Sacketts get to build a three-bedroom home on their property; it is about whether the Sacketts even have the right to question the EPA's exercise of authority over their lot–which cost them $23,000–at the risk of over $40 million in fines.