Angela C. Erickson

Strategic Research Director |

Angela C. Erickson uncovers and relays facts to the public through data analysis and storytelling. She launched and directs Pacific Legal Foundation’s strategic research team, whose findings can guide better policy on PLF’s biggest issues. Her innovative team does this by using systematic high-quality research and storytelling to share information with opinion leaders, the press, and the public. 

Angela is leading PLF’s research on home equity theft. She is an expert on economic liberty issues and has coauthored Competitor’s Veto: A Roadblock to New Businesses. She also brings empirical expertise to separation of powers issues and has co-authored Who Rules the Rulemakers? and has been published in The Wall Street Journal. 

Believing that the best way to lead a fulfilling life is by achieving our fullest potential and helping others do the same, Angela joined PLF to help get government out of people’s way. She is optimistic that individuals and groups are working hard to solve problems and elevate others without the need for government help. She runs her own team with this mindset. 

Prior to PLF, Angela provided research expertise to various national and state-based policy organizations. And she was a leading issue expert on occupational licensing and civil forfeiture at the Institute for Justice. Her civil forfeiture research has paved the way for more data and better laws and was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court. Her occupational licensing research has had a significant and measurable influence at the state and federal levels, including being cited by the Obama White House. In addition, her research on food trucks was featured on Good Morning America. 

Originally from Wisconsin, Angela received a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Chicago and earned her undergraduate degree from Beloit College. She lives in Kentucky with her mellifluous husband, Caleb, and their three children. In her spare time, Angela expands her horizons with yoga, hiking, travel, and non-fiction literature.