Glenn E. Roper

Senior Attorney |

Equality & Opportunity

Glenn Roper joined Pacific Legal Foundation in 2019, working in the Equality and Opportunity practice group. Based in Colorado, he litigates across the country on behalf of individuals and organizations to advance the principles of individual freedom, opportunity, and the rule of law.

With experience in both state and federal government, Glenn has seen the dangers posed to liberty when agencies, bureaucrats, and politicians ignore individual rights in favor of expediency or advancing a political agenda. His interest in combating those dangers centers on two areas: protecting the principle that everyone should be treated equally before the law, regardless of race, color, or creed; and expanding opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses to make a living without being burdened by unreasonable regulation.

Although he grew up in California’s Central Valley, Glenn has spent most of his career in the Mountain West. Immediately prior to joining PLF, Glenn served as deputy solicitor general in Colorado’s Office of the Attorney General, where he handled select appellate and constitutional litigation on behalf of the State and its agencies and officials. Before joining the Attorney General’s Office, Glenn was a partner in a Denver law firm, where he focused on complex civil litigation and appellate matters. He previously served as deputy associate counsel in the White House Counsel’s Office for President George W. Bush and as a law clerk to Judge David M. Ebel of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Glenn graduated first in his class from Brigham Young University Law School.

When he’s not practicing law, Glenn enjoys reading history, playing tennis, and hiking the Colorado mountains with his wife and four children.