Kileen Lindgren

Legal Policy Manager |

Kileen Lindgren serves as legal policy manager for Pacific Legal Foundation, where she empowers legislators and others to elevate individuals and protect constitutional rights through legislation, policy reforms, and deregulation. Valuing the law means respecting its intended, limited scope to protect Americans’ lives and liberties—not grow government power. Kileen develops and advocates for strategic solutions that reflect this founding principle in states around the country, so that individuals can thrive and achieve the American Dream.

Kileen has dedicated her career to protecting individual rights in capitals, courts, and communities around the country. Prior to joining PLF, she was legal and public policy programs manager at the Center for the Rights of Abused Children, where she helped defend the constitutional rights of children in state care, promoted transparency and accountability in the foster care system, and educated the foster care and legal communities about effective advocacy for abused children.

She previously served as legal programs manager for the Goldwater Institute, where she helped clients fight back against government abuse, trained public interest legal centers, and managed a national pro bono program of private attorneys dedicated to defending individual liberty. Before that, she managed the Institute for Justice’s Arizona Office, where she coordinated legislative and legal efforts to promote free speech, property rights, economic liberty, and school choice. She began her career at the Minnesota House of Representatives, where she managed multiple legislative offices, facilitated legislation, and addressed daily needs of constituents across the state.

Kileen’s passion for public policy reform and promoting individual liberty began at a young age, watching her parents shoulder burdensome and unnecessary regulations as hardworking small business owners in rural Minnesota. As an aspiring entrepreneur, Kileen left college on a mission to promote personal and community well-being by breaking down government barriers to safety, stability, and success for American families. Every day, she gets to put this passion to work at Pacific Legal Foundation.

Kileen serves on the board of the Phoenix Federalist Society and volunteers at her church and neighborhood dog rescue. On the weekends, you can find her trying new recipes, reading mysteries, or exploring new hiking trails. She majored in both fine art and history at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul and always has a painting or drawing in the works.