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Tag: environmentalism

September 28, 2015

Why conservatives still hate environmentalism

Pacific Legal Foundation does a lot of work protecting property owners from overbearing environmental regulation. Since that is how we roll, it was impossible not to notice the enthusiasm with which the environmental movement in the United States greeted last week’s visit of a certain world religious leader. PLF does not involve itself in re ...

September 01, 2011

Up close and personal with Kieran Suckling

Author: Damien M. Schiff Earth Island Journal has an interview with Kieran Suckling, head of the environmentalist group Center for Biological Diversity. (Suckling is a former member of Earth First!; the organization's website describes the group as an antidote to "namby-pamby environmental groups" and describes its membership as rangi ...

January 11, 2011

Dystopian diatribe announces a new environmentalist religion

Author: Brian T. Hodges Seattle's Crosscut blog is normally a good source for local environmental and land use news. But last week, Crosscut published a very strange diatribe ("Hallelujah to our new green faith") regaling the readers with reports of the birth of a new environmental religion. I would normally ignore such a vanity article, ...

October 06, 2010

Are environmentalists afraid of economics?

Author: Daniel Himebaugh Back in January, we highlighted Robert H. Nelson's book, The New Holy Wars: Economic Religion v. Environmental Religion in Contemporary America, which frames some of today's major public policy battles in terms of religious conflict.  While we thought that Nelson might be engaging in hyperbole, we also suggest ...

January 22, 2010

The new holy wars

Author: R. S. Radford At an environmental law conference a few years ago, I was surprised when a professor called on his fellow academics to impose what I took to be a requirement for ideological purity. First-year college students who want to major in environmental studies, according to this speaker, should be counseled never to ...

October 07, 2009

The Endangered Species Act and the importance of Sean Hannity

Author: Brandon Middleton Judging by the reaction of some environmentalists, you might think that Sean Hannity's visit to the Central Valley last month was the beginning of the end. According to Patriot Daily, Hannity's appearance was simply an attempt to "scare and divide Americans." To Dan Bacher (via Aquafornia), the thousands ...