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Tag: John Locke

August 17, 2018

Seattle can’t ban websites it dislikes

Today, we filed a motion for summary judgment in Rentberry v. City of Seattle, asking a federal court to throw out Seattle's ban on rental bidding websites. We argue that Seattle's regulation by reflex is contrary to the core tenets of a free society. ...

December 08, 2015

Property in space

Who owns the cosmos? According to the new Commercial Space Launch Act, the cosmos is there for the taking. This stunning pronouncement in November is “the most sweeping legislative recognition of property rights in human history.” The Act relies upon the great property rights theorist John Locke. Locke’s idea of property begins ...

July 01, 2010

Doll-claration of independence

Author: Lana Harfoush Earlier this month, I recommended a few films adapted from liberty-friendly literary works to the big screen. Though Pixar's latest Toy Story 3 is not an adaptation, rather the final chapter of the trilogy, it is one of the summer's most popular movies. In fact, Walt Disney Co. estimated that $153.8 million ...