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Tag: Reagan

August 30, 2016

RIP Joe Hicks

We received some very shocking and extremely sad news yesterday. Joe Hicks passed away at the age of 75. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Joe a number of times, most recently this past June. When I had previously met Joe, it was usually at round table discussions. When he spoke, the room stopped — ...

December 24, 2015

PLF's Mark Miller talks Sinatra and wetlands with Andy Caldwell

Last week, Andy Caldwell and I talked Sinatra, Reagan, Pacific Legal Foundation‘s origin story, and PLF’s latest case before the Supreme Court of the United States: Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes Co. In Hawkes, we intend to convince the Court that Americans have a right of access to the courts when government bureaucrats leave them ...

December 12, 2015

PLF swings with Sinatra, baby.

Before Ronald Reagan became an elected public official, he served as President of the Screen Actors Guild and became good friends with Frank Sinatra. Not many years after striking up that friendship, Reagan knew a time for choosing had arisen because big government and the Constitution had become strangers in the night. Something had to give and ...

February 23, 2011

Presidential polling

Author: Daniel Himebaugh This is a few days old, but still fun.  Last Friday, Gallup released the results of a poll in which pollsters asked a random sample of Americans to name the greatest U.S. president.  Here are the top ten by percentage: 1. Ronald Reagan (19%) 2. Abraham Lincoln (14%) 3. Bill Clinton (13%) ...

February 04, 2011

On the occasion of Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday: Here's to you!

A lot of organizations are celebrating Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday, which falls on Sunday, Feb., 6, 2011.  GE has a nice video, reminiscing about Reagan's days as a GE spokesperson.  The Republican National Committee, of course, is commemorating the day, and even the NFL will be doing a tribute for Ronald Re ...