October 10, 2006

The Newspapers Take Sides on Ballot Initiatives

By The Newspapers Take Sides on Ballot Initiatives

by Timothy Sandefur

Newspapers are almost always very much in favor of using eminent domain for private development. Usually, editors see it as a way to bring more commerce to their cities, and usually newspaper folks aren't the ones targeted. So eminent domain reformers should not expect a warm reception from most newspapers.

In California, the Torrance Daily Breeze attacks Prop. 90, but the Orange County Register, which has endorsed the initiative, has a more balanced story about it; in Oregon, the Eugene Register-Guard attacks Measure 39; in Michigan, the Detroit News has a quick look at Proposal 4, which the Grand Banks Press endorses, and the Muskegon Chronicle opposes; Robert Robb of the Arizona Republic endorses Proposition 207; the Porsmouth (N.H.) Herald endorses eminent domain reform; and the Tacoma News Tribune opposes it, because the initiative campaign has a wealthy donor.

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