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Month: April 2009

April 30, 2009

Court Thows Out Another Attempt To Silence Critics of Eminent Domain

by Timothy Sandefur You're familiar with the frivolous lawsuit filed by Texas developer H. Walker Royall against Carla Main, the author of the excellent book Bulldozed. (The book chronicles an egregious example of eminent domain abuse in which Royall was deeply involved; you can read my review of the book here.) Well, Royall isn't the ...

April 30, 2009

WSJ on Blight and Begging for Billionaires

The Wall Street Journal has an article here on the problematic "blight" loopholes in many so-called eminent domain "reform" bills. It also carries a clip from Begging for Billionaires, the new documentary on eminent domain abuse that is premiering at the Minneapolis Film Festival this weekend: ...

April 29, 2009

Tune In for PLF's Radio Interview on the Andy Caldwell Show

On Thursday, April 30, from 4:00 – 4:30 p.m., Coastal Land Rights Project attorney, Paul Beard, will be on The Andy Caldwell Show to discuss the Court of Appeal's recent decision in Farr v. California Coastal Commission and other Coastal Commission issues.  You can stream the interview live. ...

April 29, 2009

Farr v. California Coastal Commission

Today, we filed a letter with the California Court of Appeal (2nd District), requesting that it publish its excellent decision in Farr v. California Coastal Commission.  Stay tuned for the Court's decision. ...

April 29, 2009

Preliminary injunction motion filed in Delta litigation

Yesterday Westlands Water District moved to enjoin current Delta pumping restrictions, arguing, among other things, that the smelt biological opinion's restrictions based upon percentage entrainment are arbitrary and capricious.  A hearing on the motion is set for May 22.  Also of note, Natural Resources Defense Council has mo ...

April 28, 2009

Mountaintop mining rule to be vacated

Owing to the failure to conduct section 7 consultation, reports the AP. ...

April 27, 2009

more on Section 7 regs

On the Section 7 reg revisions that the Obama administration has sent to OMB, Legal Planet's Holly Doremus remarks that "it looks like the new administration is ready to act, although it remains to be seen whether the Bush rules will be entirely revoked or only modified." ...

April 27, 2009

Five reasons for EPA not to regulate CO2 emissions

From the Heritage Foundation: 1.    bad for the economy 2.    little environmental benefit 3.    ongoing scientific debate 4.    backdoor policymaking 5.    expanded bureaucracy Interestingly, four of the five reasons prescind fro ...

April 26, 2009

More on The Severance Case

Thanks to The Volokh Conspiracy and Reason for covering PLF's recent victory in the Severance case. ...

April 25, 2009

Section 7 regs to be changed

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Interior Department has taken advantage of temporary Congressional authority to revisit the Bush Administration's new Section 7 regs, as Interior has sent to the Office of Management and Budget a final rule "revamping changes" done by the regulatory amendments.  In doing so, Interio ...