The Center Square : Innovating the American Dream

December 11, 2023 | By BRIAN HODGES

Across the country, land-use officials are grappling with chronic housing shortages — the result of longstanding legal and policy failures, including archaic zoning rules and ongoing labor and supply shortages. From Seattle to Key West, to Calabasas, there simply is not enough housing for the American people. Among the many potential solutions p ...


Real Estate Issues : Build-to-Rent Homes, A Promising Solution to Chronic Housing Shortages

July 05, 2023 | By BRIAN HODGES

In Real Estate Issues, Pacific Legal Foundation attorneys Brian Hodges and Sam Spiegelman published a thorough, peer reviewed article making the case for build-to-rent homes as a solution for housing shortages. Real Estate Issues is a notable trade publication published by The Counselors of Real Estate, “an international consortium of credent ...


The Center Square : Bans on ‘build to rent’ homes in Georgia worsen housing shortage

June 15, 2023 | By BRIAN HODGES

With the cost of homeownership rising, build-to-rent offers an attractive alternative for new families — so why are we banning them? Like much of the nation, Georgians face a severe housing shortage — a crisis driving prices out of reach for too many families, especially young parents looking for starter homes. With the problem only … ...


The Orange County Register : Housing delayed is housing denied

September 17, 2021 | By BRIAN HODGES

This summer the Biden administration released a report that came to the same conclusion every administration since President Reagan’s has reached: restrictive land-use regulation is one of the primary causes of the housing crisis. Across the country, too few homes are being built, and those that are built are often too expensive for the avera ...


Still no place to live : The local barriers to the accessory dwelling unit revolution

July 29, 2021 | By BRIAN HODGES

ADUs are small homes located on the same lot as an existing single- or multi-family home, such as a garage apartment, a basement unit, or a backyard cottage. While ADUs can’t solve the country’s housing crisis, they are an important piece of a property rights and free market-based solution.   … ...


The Chicago Tribune : Coach houses expand Chicago’s housing availability. The city should fully embrace them.

July 19, 2021 | By BRIAN HODGES

It’s not often that Chicago’s City Council passes a housing law that can benefit nearly every Chicagoan. But the city did exactly that when it took its first—albeit tepid—step toward lifting its half-century ban on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s), or as they’re more commonly known, coach houses or granny flats. In Decem ...


The Hill : To solve DC’s housing crisis, we need more than planning — we need to rethink zoning

May 24, 2021 | By BRIAN HODGES

With the D.C. Council set to vote on its massive update to the comprehensive plan in the coming months, it’s high time that we ask the hard question whether we are using the right tools to address equity and affordability in housing. The problem isn’t that zoning doesn’t work. It’s that zoning works all too … ...


Strengthening property rights will improve affordable housing in America’s cities

July 22, 2020 | By BRIAN HODGES

Our nation is in the midst of a severe and ever-worsening housing crisis. For decades, we have seen far too few homes being built. And those homes that are built are often too expensive—particularly in major urban centers, where poor and middle-class families increasingly find themselves priced out of homes and apartments located near the … ...


The Hill : Local governments are undermining state laws that encourage ‘granny flats’

June 22, 2020 | By BRIAN HODGES

It’s well known that California is in the midst of a housing crisis that grows more severe all the time. For decades, we have seen too few homes built, and those that are built are too expensive. The poor and middle class suffer the most from the housing shortage, increasingly finding themselves priced out of … ...