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Tag: private property rights

November 18, 2017

Weekly litigation update — November 18, 2017

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear PLF's First Amendment challenge to political apparel ban, PLF presents oral argument on challenge to access regulation in the Ninth Circuit, and since the Feds get to regulate "species" and "subspecies," shouldn't we have an understandable definition of "species" and "subspecies"? ...

June 17, 2017

Weekly litigation report — June 17, 2017

Interior Secretary Zinke Recommends Bears Ears Reduction Indian River County School Board responds to public outcry, but continues to ignore First Amendment California Supreme Court protects private property Class Action action Florida family loses property rights' case in Florida appellate court Telling truth to tort Supreme Court asks town to res ...

April 05, 2017

State legislatures do not define what constitutes “just compensation”

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that private property shall not be taken "for public use, without just compensation." The just compensation requirement safeguards private property rights by ensuring that the government cannot take property on a whim. But who defines what constitutes "just compensation?" That is the question Ba ...

July 16, 2016

Weekly litigation report — July 16, 2016

Privacy and property rights  WOTUS at the Tenth Circuit District Court setback in anti-discrimination suit Procedural victory in Jaguar case Procedural victory from Ninth Circuit in sea otter case Defending property against made up public rights Privacy and Property Rights  We filed this complaint in Trautwein v. City of Highland over that City&# ...

March 27, 2015

State and local Indiana governments are hungry

The shoreline of the Great Lakes has given rise to many interesting property rights disputes between property owners and hungry governments looking to take private property without obeying the Constitution. Add the case of LBLHA, LLC, v. Town of Long Beach, Indiana, to that list. The states bordering the Great Lakes have a history of trying to ...

August 15, 2014

Holding the government accountable: 5-year reviews in the Endangered Species Act

Time after time, the federal government refuses to follow the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The government designates land as "critical habitat" despite not meeting the ESA definition for critical habitat. And in another example, the government refuses to remove plants and animals from threatened or endangered status, even when those species are fl ...

June 22, 2012

City tramples property rights

Tulsa resident Denise Morrison is suing city officials after they tore up her garden because of alleged municipal code violations.  As this video reveals, however, Morrison had actually read the ordinance, solicited clarification on what specifically was wrong with her garden, and was preparing for a court hearing on the matter when the city cut ...

July 26, 2011

The Wade L. Hopping Institute for Private Property Rights

Pacific Legal Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of The Wade L. Hopping Institute for Private Property Rights at Pacific Legal Foundation’s Atlantic Center in Stuart, Florida. PLF is grateful for the leadership and friendship Wade gave to us during his many years on the Board and we are honored to carry on his ...