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Author: Daniel Ortner

July 21, 2020

California Department of Public Health offers much-needed relief to personal care providers

Barbers, stylists, and other personal care providers across California were given new hope today. Small businesses all across California were devastated by California Governor Gavin Newsom's March 19, 2020, stay-at-home and shutdown order. No industry was harder hit than the personal services industry, as hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, ...

July 21, 2020

The Hill: Smart regulatory reform is an achievable goal ― Idaho has shown the way

Government bureaucracies tend to grow and become more bloated and ineffective over time. Sometimes this seems like an inexorable law of nature, like gravity. But it doesn't have to be that way. Regulatory inertia is not inevitable. Just look at Idaho, which has taken the lead in showing that reducing unnecessary regulation and limiting government ...

July 16, 2020

California hair stylists and barbers should be allowed to work outside

Today the Pacific Legal Foundation sent a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Barbers and Cosmetology urging them to allow barbers, hair salons, and other personal care services to offer their services outdoors. Governor Newsom recently announced that these businesses would be required to halt indoor services once again thro ...

July 14, 2020

The Hill: Quarantines for out-of-state visitors exceeds governors’ emergency authority

At the end of June, the governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut announced that anyone coming into their states from other states identified as coronavirus "hot spots" — now up to 19 states — are required to quarantine themselves for 14 days. Ironically, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York earlier in the pandemic ...

June 08, 2020

Our freedom of speech doesn’t depend on what you’re speaking about

The right to protest government is one of the oldest and most revered American traditions. From the Boston Tea Party to the Civil Rights movement to the modern-day Tea Party and Black Lives Matter movements, Americans of all political beliefs and backgrounds have always turned out to protest for justice and liberty. As the Supreme ...

May 30, 2020

The Daily Caller: The First Amendment will be the only casualty in Trump’s war with Twitter

In the ongoing war between President Trump and social media, the casualty may be social media as we know it. President Trump erupted with rage when Twitter posted a fact check of two of his tweets on mail-in voting. In a series of tweets, President Trump revived long-simmering accusations that social media platforms display anti-conservative ...

May 26, 2020

The Wisconsin Supreme Court stay-at-home ruling defends the Separation of Powers and Individual Liberty

The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently struck down part of Governor Tony Ever's stay-at-home order because the governor and state Department of Health Services enacted the order without any oversight from the legislature which violated the state constitution. This decision has predictably been viewed through a partisan lens—a conservative Supreme C ...

May 18, 2020

The Hill: Education’s new rules on sexual harassment restore fairness — and it’s about time

Nine years ago, the Obama administration mandated changes to how colleges and universities handle allegations of sexual harassment and assault. Those changes violated both the right of college students to due process and the right of the general public to a rulemaking process that is accountable to the people and not the whims of government ...

May 04, 2020

The Hill: Adjourning Congress to make appointments would be an unconstitutional power grab

Frustrated by the Senate's lack of progress on advancing his judicial nominees, President Trump recently threatened to adjourn Congress to install his nominees via recess appointments. Every president wants to secure confirmation of his nominees, but President Trump's idea is counter to separation of powers principles and Supreme Court precedent. O ...

May 04, 2020

Daily Journal: The Utah Supreme Court leads the way in its coronavirus response

Every year roughly 24,000 students graduate from ABA-accredited law schools and begin the arduous and time-intensive preparations for the July bar exam. This year, however, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown that routine into chaos and left thousands of young attorneys with uncertain futures. In response, many have called for easing the burdens th ...