Understanding the new Clean Water Act rule

June 04, 2015 | By REED HOPPER

In a previous post, we discussed the controversial and lawless new rule issued by the Corps and EPA purporting to “clarify” waters subject to federal control under the Clean Water Act, known as “waters of the United States.”  Although the rule itself is only about 9 pages long, it is accompanied by hundreds of pages of “government speak” attempting to justify the rule.  It can be difficult to sift through the chaff to get at the kernel, so our friends, and former PLF colleagues, Paul Beard and Damien Schiff, now working at Alston & Bird, have put together a handy summary of the rule complete with flowchart to assist landowners in determining whether the rule applies to their property.   It’s very helpful.  Take a look.  Also, check out our “waters of the United States” page here: