Californians for Equal Rights Foundation v. Alameda County

Racial set-asides practice in government contracting denies equal treatment and opportunity

Debbie Ferrari has spent the better part of 40 years in California's construction industry, working as a manager and estimator for an Alameda County trucking company. Over that time, she has mastered the bidding process to acquire jobs for the company's employees and independent owner-operators alike, including government contracts for public jobs. ...

Students holding up their hands in a classroom
Boston Parent Coalition for Academic Excellence v. School Committee

Parents fight discrimination-by-proxy at Boston’s elite public schools

The coalition is appealing for equal opportunity for all students to compete now, and to prevent similar discriminatory policies in the future. ...

Ami Hill's Art Bus
Ami Hill and Muse Originals LLC v. Town of Kill Devil Hills et al.

Outer Banks ordinance throws livelihood and rights under the bus

Ami wants to preserve the right to the fruits of one's labor by stopping the town of Kill Devil Hills from forcing these businesses to convert into charitable fundraising organizations. ...

Iowa Supreme Court Building at Dusk
Raak Law v. Gast

Fighting gender discrimination in Iowa’s judicial selection process

Rachel Raak Law is a realtor and mom of three in the western Iowa town of Correctionville. She spent six years as a gubernatorial appointee to a District Judicial Nominating Commission, which vets and recommends individuals to serve as judges on state trial courts. She also served on the Woodbury County Drug Court, the nation's ...

Roberts et al. v. Bassett et al.

Fighting New York’s illegal racial preferences in COVID treatment

Facing a severe shortage of two oral antiviral drugs and monoclonal antibodies that effectively treat COVID-19, New York's Health Department issued directives that providers use when allocating treatments in both the state and city of New York. The directives instruct healthcare providers to prioritize people based not just on objective, scientific ...

National Center for Public Policy Research v. Weber

California’s race quota requires discrimination on corporate boards

By the end of 2021, every company subject to AB 979 must have a minimum of one director from an underrepresented community on its board. By the end of 2022, any company with four or fewer directors must have one underrepresented minority board member, any company with between four and nine directors must have two underrepresented board members, and ...

Ng v. Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota

Fighting sex-based discrimination in University of Minnesota athletics

Evan Ng has been a competitive gymnast since he was six years old. He turned down a more lucrative financial aid offer from another university to attend the University of Minnesota and compete on its century-old gymnastics team. His hopes were dashed, however, when the university decided to cut men's gymnastics after the 2020-21 school year under t ...

Collins v. Meyers

Colorado small business owner fights for his right to equality before the law

Steve Collins lives in the small mountain town of Alma, Colorado. The sole proprietor of an event-planning company, Steve helps his clients coordinate meetings around the country. Pandemic-related event cancellations cost him roughly 30 percent of his income. Colorado passed legislation offering relief to small businesses but insisted on prioritizi ...

Tiegs v. Vilsack

Race-based COVID-19 farm loan forgiveness denies equal treatment to farmers and ranchers across the country

When the pandemic struck, much of the U.S. agriculture industry felt the financial crunch. Julie Owen, James Tiegs, Abraham and Cally Jergenson, and Chad Ward were initially encouraged when Congress passed a COVID-19 relief law that included a farm loan forgiveness provision for economic hardship. But they each discovered that they are ineligible f ...