Hierholzer v. Guzman

Racial set-asides deny veteran’s equal treatment and opportunity in federal contracting

The roots of Marty Hierholzer's patriotism are deep. His father served for 26 years in the U.S. Navy—he was at Pearl Harbor during the World War II attack. Marty joined the Navy right out of high school and became a Navy deep-sea diver. He retired in 2002 after 22 years of service, with honors, the ...

Stephen Haile v. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson

Arkansas’ race quotas for licensing boards deny equality and destroy opportunity

Stephen Haile is a devoted foster parent, who, with his wife, has fostered more than 300 children in Conway, Arkansas. As a foster parent, he has worked with numerous social workers and even helped a struggling single parent regain custody of her children. Over that time, Stephen has grown increasingly aware of the importance of ...

Cusano v. Cook County et al.

Illinois small business owner fights for equal treatment under the law

The COVID-19 pandemic was a brutal blow to small business owners. Entrepreneurs lost revenue not only because of the virus but also because of the government's confusing and constantly changing plans to mitigate its spread. Cook County, Illinois—which encompasses Chicago and represents over 40 percent of all Illinois residents—offered entrepren ...

The Space Needle stands over the Seattle skyline as Mt. Rainier is seen in the background on March 13, 2022 in Seattle, Washington.
Joshua Diemert v. City of Seattle

Seattle’s “racial equity” policies create hostile workplace for City employees

Joshua is suing the City of Seattle in federal court. A win will vindicate Joshua's right to workplace equality and protect everyone's right to be judged by the content of their individual character and work product, rather than being labeled and classified through the lens of discriminatory workplace equity initiatives. ...

Californians for Equal Rights Foundation v. Alameda County

Racial set-asides practice in government contracting denies equal treatment and opportunity

Represented by PLF free of charge, Debbie Ferrari is fighting back. She is joined by Chunhua Liao, a Chinese immigrant that has led grassroots efforts to oppose racial discrimination in California, and the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER), a nonprofit advocacy organization at the forefront of defending California's constitutional req ...

Students holding up their hands in a classroom
Boston Parent Coalition for Academic Excellence v. School Committee

Parents fight discrimination-by-proxy at Boston’s elite public schools

The coalition is appealing for equal opportunity for all students to compete now, and to prevent similar discriminatory policies in the future. ...

Ami Hill's Art Bus
Ami Hill and Muse Originals LLC v. Town of Kill Devil Hills et al.

Outer Banks ordinance throws livelihood and rights under the bus

Ami wants to preserve the right to the fruits of one's labor by stopping the town of Kill Devil Hills from forcing these businesses to convert into charitable fundraising organizations. ...

Iowa Supreme Court Building at Dusk
Raak Law v. Gast

Fighting gender discrimination in Iowa’s judicial selection process

Rachel Raak Law and Micah Broekemeier are fighting back against Iowa's gender quota for the State Judicial Nominating Commission as violating the Constitution's equal protection guarantee. Their victory would ensure that the best-qualified candidates can run for office, regardless of gender. ...

Roberts et al. v. Bassett et al.

Fighting New York’s illegal racial preferences in COVID treatment

Facing a severe shortage of two oral antiviral drugs and monoclonal antibodies that effectively treat COVID-19, New York's Health Department issued directives that providers use when allocating treatments in both the state and city of New York. The directives instruct healthcare providers to prioritize people based not just on objective, scientific ...