ATS Employees
ATS Tree Services, LLC v. Federal Trade Commission

Small business owner fights FTC’s lawless non-compete ban

Adam Servin founded ATS Tree Services in 2014, offering tree removal services and firewood sales in Pennsylvania. ATS asks new employees to sign a one-year non-compete agreement, meaning an employee who leaves must wait one year before working at a competitor tree care company in the same geographic area as ATS. In 2024, the FTC issued a new rule b ...

Security and Exchange Commission Offices
Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, et al. v. SEC

SEC uses new climate change rule to shame companies and undermine Congress 

On March 6, 2024, the Securities and Exchange Commission finalized a rule mandating climate-related disclosures from publicly traded companies. This is on top of the agency's existing regulations requiring companies to disclose material environmental risks.  The new Climate Rule mandates that public companies must report on whether they have imple ...

Warren v. U.S. Department of Labor

Freelancers defend economic liberty from vague DOL rule

Represented free of charge by Pacific Legal Foundation, Fight For Freelancers, Kim, Jen, and Karon are asking a federal court to restore their right to earn an honest living without interference by the DOL's illegally vague independent contractor rule. ...

Inside Passage Electric Cooperative v. U.S. Department of Agriculture

Nonprofit fights USDA’s roadblock to new green energy in rural Alaska

IPEC is fighting back to rein in the USDA's overreach so they can build sustainable, eco-friendly power projects and improve their customers' quality of life. Represented free of charge by PLF, the cooperative and the Alaska Power Association are challenging the USDA's authority to prohibit construction and maintenance of roads within national fore ...

Peters Brothers, Inc., et al., v. Penn DEP, et al.

Family trucking business fights to keep government in its constitutional lane

Represented at no charge by Pacific Legal Foundation, Brian and Peters Brothers are challenging Pennsylvania's unlawful regulatory outsourcing to protect their livelihoods and restore democratic accountability for all Pennsylvanians. ...

Interior of Death of a Fox Brewing Company
Death of the Fox Brewing Co. v. NJ Div. of ABC

New Jersey craft brewers fight protectionist restrictions

Chuck and Death of the Fox are fighting back against the agency's unlawful rulemaking shortcut to stop the government from kneecapping some businesses to benefit others, to restore New Jersey microbrewers' right to make and sell beer to patrons on their property, and to ensure accountability and transparency in government. ...

RUM DQ opening approved, a milestone achieved.
Robert Mayfield v. U.S. Department of Labor

Businessman fights DOL’s illegal minimum salary rule to preserve opportunities for his beloved management team

Robert has the right to run his business as he sees fit, free of arbitrary government handicaps that limit the opportunities of the employees he's identified as leaders. Represented free of charge by PLF, Robert and his company have filed a constitutional challenge to the DOL's salary level rule in federal court. ...

Club 519 Hero Image
Crystal Waldron and Club 519 v. Governor Roy A. Cooper

North Carolina couple fights to save bar from governor’s unlawful COVID power grab

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper unilaterally declared a state of emergency that only he is authorized to end. Since then, the governor has issued a series of executive orders that allow nearly every establishment that sells alcoholic beverages to remain open but that force most private bars (establishments whic ...

Ghost Golf, an eerie and thrilling adventure.
Ghost Golf, Inc., et al. v. Newsom

Small businesses fight Gov. Newsom’s unlawful color-code shutdown scheme

At Ghost Golf in Fresno, the weeks leading up to Halloween mark the peak season for the haunted house-themed miniature golf center, earning enough money for owner Daryn Coleman and his family to weather the springtime slowdown. This year, however, Ghost Golf has been closed since March, haunted by Governor Gavin Newsom's COVID-related business shut ...