Californians for Equal Rights Foundation v. City of San Diego

San Diego first-time homebuyers fight for equal treatment under the law

The San Diego Housing Commission launched a pilot program in 2023 to help middle-income, first-time homebuyers achieve "the dream of homeownership." The program provides up to $40,000 for down payments and closing costs—among the greatest barriers to first-time homeownership.  No matter who meets the eligibility requirements for residency, fina ...

Shannon MacDonald, M.D., et al. v. Otto Sabando

Cancer doctors and patients fight for right to telehealth

Violating New Jersey's telehealth restriction is punishable by criminal charges and hefty fines and can put the doctor's medical license at risk. New Jersey's telehealth restrictions are not just wrong, they're also unconstitutional. Placing undue burdens on both out-of-state physicians and New Jersey patients that far outweigh any benefits violate ...

University of California Santa Cruz
J.D. Haltigan v. Michael Drake

Fighting unconstitutional DEI “loyalty oaths” at the University of California

UC Santa Cruz's DEI declaration mandates are clearly unconstitutional. Government job seekers should be judged by their qualifications, not an ideological litmus test. Universities do not have carte blanche to engage in deliberate viewpoint discrimination through the hiring process. A DEI statement requirement is alarmingly similar to the "loyal ...

Parker Noland and truck
Parker Noland v. MT Public Service Commission

Aspiring junk hauling entrepreneur fights crony “competitor’s veto” law

When Parker Noland graduated from high school in Kalispell, Montana, he and his close friends joined the Army. Parker was medically discharged a few months after basic training and returned home to Kalispell, where he set out to become a debris-hauling entrepreneur. With an eye toward construction sites and a business plan in hand, he secured a loa ...

Engineers with the construction plan
Californians for Equal Rights Foundation v. Alameda County

Racial set-asides practice in government contracting denies equal treatment and opportunity

Represented by PLF free of charge, Debbie Ferrari is fighting back. She is joined by Chunhua Liao, a Chinese immigrant that has led grassroots efforts to oppose racial discrimination in California, and the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER), a nonprofit advocacy organization at the forefront of defending California's constitutional req ...