Lynn v. Goff

Oregon teacher fights for equal treatment under the law

Tyler has always stood up for fairness and equality, and now he's taking a stand for the right to be treated equally in Oregon's reimbursement program. Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation at no charge, Tyler is fighting back with a federal lawsuit, continuing an essential lesson for his students that the government must treat individuals based ...

Lance Nistler v. Walz, et al.

Minnesota ends race-based grant policy

The Minnesota's Down Payment Assistance Grant Program's disfavoring of white male farmers violates the Constitution's equal protection guarantee. In fact, the Supreme Court has repeatedly said government cannot discriminate by race or sex except in very narrow cases of past discrimination—a justification not even invoked during testimony by Minne ...

Miall, et al. v. Asheville

Race preferences for government committees deny equality and opportunity

No government commission or committee should use an individual's race or ethnicity to determine who gets the opportunity to serve their public. Treating people according to immutable characteristics like race violates the very notion of equality before the law. People should be treated as individuals, not as members of a group they did not cho ...

Yoder and DDR Media, Inc. v. Lott

Drone entrepreneur stands up for livelihoods and free speech

Hunting isn't the only area caught in the government's crosshairs. Increasingly, drone use is becoming popular to aid in a variety of businesses. As with every new technology, the government often throws up unreasonable resistance, stretching legal boundaries to limit the unfamiliar. In addition to entrepreneurs, artists and other content creators ...

Brian Dalton
Brian Dalton, et al. v. Hao and MA Growth Capital Corp.

Massachusetts small business owner fights for equal treatment under the law

Brian Dalton knows first-hand how brutal COVID-19 has been to small businesses. The longtime Massachusetts law enforcement officer founded New England Firearms Academy in 2013 after retiring from the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department. The academy provides all levels of certified firearms safety instruction to help citizens meet the government's f ...

Chicago Skyline Sear Willis Tower Lake Michigan
Cusano v. Cook County et al.

Illinois small business owner fights for equal treatment under the law

The COVID-19 pandemic was a brutal blow to small business owners. Entrepreneurs lost revenue, not only because of the virus but also because of the government's confusing and constantly changing plans to mitigate its spread. ...

The Space Needle stands over the Seattle skyline as Mt. Rainier is seen in the background on March 13, 2022 in Seattle, Washington.
Joshua Diemert v. City of Seattle

Seattle’s “racial equity” policies create hostile workplace for City employees

Joshua is suing the City of Seattle in federal court. A win will vindicate Joshua's right to workplace equality and protect everyone's right to be judged by the content of their individual character and work product, rather than being labeled and classified through the lens of discriminatory workplace equity initiatives. ...