Green v. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Fishermen fight illegal fishing ban

In 2021, President Biden issued a presidential proclamation that banned commercial fishing across millions of acres in the fertile Georges Bank region of the North Atlantic Ocean, a devastating blow to New England's iconic fishing industry. If the president can designate "ecosystems" and millions of acres of the ocean floor as "a national monument, ...

White v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Feds ignore the Supreme Court to prosecute property owners

Robert White worked for many years to build a highly successful commercial seafood business in North Carolina. While he earned a good livelihood, he invested much of his earnings in coastal property as a way to ensure financial security for his children.But now Robert and his family face financial ruin due to a remorseless power grab by two federal ...

United States v. Melton E. “Val” Valentine, Jr., et al.

Federal agency ignores the Supreme Court to prosecute landowners

No matter how strong its zeal to make an example of the Valentines and deter other landowners from pursuing similar development, the Army Corps cannot simply ignore a Supreme Court decision or assume enforcement powers it doesn't have. Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation at no charge, the Valentines are now making a full-throated defen ...

Heaton et al. v. Biden et al.

Ranching family fights President Biden’s Antiquities Act abuse

Chris Heaton is a sixth-generation landowner and rancher who embodies the rugged individualism, adventurism, and tireless work ethic of the American West. Chris's land, family legacy, and rights have landed in the crosshairs of President Biden's new national monument designation. Represented by PLF at no charge, Chris is fighting back with a federa ...

Kansas Natural Resource Coalition v. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Illegal rulemaking threatens livelihoods, conservation, and the rule of law

With their livelihoods and their constitutional rights on the line, Mr. Edwards, Lone Butte Farms, Schilling Land, JDC Farms, and the Kansas Natural Resource Coalition—an association of 30 county governments—are filing a federal lawsuit to hold the FWS to its obligations as intended by Congress and in a manner that respects private property rig ...

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Flying Crown Subdivision v. Alaska Railroad Corporation

Planes, trains, and property rights: battling government’s easement abuses

Represented at no charge by Pacific Legal Foundation, the subdivision's homeowners appealed the lower court's decision at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop the Alaska Railroad from enshrining easement holders' exclusionary powers at the expense of private property rights. ...

Williams v.California Fish Hero Image
Williams v. California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Government’s regulatory Catch-22 threatens California’s future fishermen

Fishing is an ancient and noble profession. It is also unquestionably in Max Williams' DNA. His grandfather and parents have deep roots in California's fishing industry, their livelihoods built on decades of skill and success with gillnets—the set, passive nets that are best suited for commercial fishing in California waters. Max (second from ...

Lobstermen at work, harvesting the ocean's bounty.
Fehily et al. v. Biden et al.

President Biden reboots Antiquities Act abuse with commercial fishing ban

Now that Biden has resuscitated powers that far exceed what the Antiquities Act was ever meant to do, Pat Fehily and Tim Malley, a 50-year fishing veteran and vessel owner, are fighting back. Represented at no charge by PLF, they're challenging this renewed violation of the Constitution's separation of powers and threat to the right of commercial f ...

Rolling hills and mountains of southern New Mexico
New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association v. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Government’s unnecessary protection for bountiful bird crushes property rights

Represented free of charge by PLF, the New Mexico Cattle Growers' Association is defending livelihoods, property values, and property rights in a federal challenge to the unlawful ESA listing. ...